Cubasis strange behaviour with Zoom H4n

Hi everybody,
I’m experimenting with my Zoom H4n as an audio interface with Cubasis and other apps on my Ipad 8 and today I had a strange problem that I didn’t encounter before: the device latency in the settings audio menu told me 1.3 ms and so the audio engine latency but when I recorded my guitar I had all my notes not in late but in advance to the beat… :flushed:
I then tried with a simple quarter note scale for making things simpler but anything changed (I also tried to disconnect and reconnect Zoom and I changed sample rate too from 44.1 to 48 kHz)
I did the same recording in Blocks Wave and all was perfect (I can definitely play a quarter note scale in time…)
Any idea about this?
Thank you,

I answered by myself; what I discovered:

  • I had Audio recording offset compensation in the audio menu set to a super high value (> 100 ms), probably for a mistake: I lowered it manually to 1.7 (see next paragraph) and things started to be better
  • I set Device Latency and Audio Engine Latency to 1.3 ms (even if H4n reported latency was reported as about 2.5 ms) and after this things further improved
  • I realized I had audio track monitoring button on in Cubasis: I switched it off and everything was quite ok (I could monitor my guitar through Zoom)

Hope it can be useful,


Hi @arfo1962,

Thank you for your updated message, and for sharing your findings with the community! We are glad to read that you’ve been able to resolve the issue yourself!

Enjoy making music
& stay safe,

You’re welcome!