Cubasis struggles with some AUs

Cubasis 2.8.1 is really struggling with certain AU synths, even just one track with no effects.

Mogg’s Model D maxes out the CPU and there’s pops and crackles in the sound. Sunrizer also gets crackling in the audio.

This is on an 10.5” Air (3rd Air, latest model), iOS 13.2 with the latest updates for all the apps I own.

Thing is they work fine in AUM.

I understand AUM is less demanding with less of a footprint than Cubasis. Still seems like they should at least work though.

Again, I’m not asking much here: One track with effects.

No issues with Sunrizer, in Cubasis,
iOS 12.3, pro 10.5… record midi track then freeze,
No crackles, cpu low, iOS 13 has Audio issues,
I would not recommend updating iOS 13, others have said iSEM crash when selecting presets
Lots of audio issues…

Thankfully I did not update to 13,.Cubasis & all Audio Units are running perfect for me,

Just to add, AUM is not a daw, it’s just an Audio unit mixer,
Anything works in AUM it don’t record midi, it’s just a mixer…