Cubasis suggestions

Hi Guys

Love the Cubasis appfor ipad. Terrific. Just one request? Can you guys make sound pack additions for it? The basic sounds are kind of GM cheesy. Really nowhere near the quality of the Halion instruments found in Cubase 7 (which I also own).

Might I recommend a stripped down version of Halion Symphony Orchestra? Adding some orchestral sounds would be awesome for us film composer/concert composer guys. At present I have to rely on IK Multimedia sounds through AudioBus but would love to edit MIDI data with native sounds instead.

Obviously you could make expansion sound sets for a nominal charge ($20 per set or something?). Just a suggestion.

Thanks and thank you for the quick updates. They are excellent for an excellent app!

For me, an important feature of Cubasis is the compatibility with the desktop version. Thus, additional sounds or instruments - which I’d appreciate very much - should map to desktop soundsets, if possible.

Hello guys,

Thank you for your suggestions. It is in our roadmap to deliver in future versions more sounds that are compatible with the desktop versions.

Terrific! Cubasis is really the most capable iOS daw right now and more sounds would make it even better! Thanks for your response.

As a side note, Halion Symphonic Orchestra is a very good set of sounds. I think it got unfairly eclipsed by EWQL and VSL when it debuted several years ago but it’s got some solid orch instruments.

here are the suggestions list:

1.multi-sampler(urgent) freeze
3.easy midi edit
4.drum machine style drum editor
5.copy-art of groove agent and halion sonic plugins(why not?)
6.two-row keyboard
7.sample-packs(in app purch)
8.wavelab-sis(why not-2?)

i know it is just streamlined version but it should have good sound quality…

thanx :smiley:

just forgot;;;;;;;;;

IPHONE version of course…

Are there any plans to add section markers?? PLEASE?