Cubasis Summer Special: Only from July 6 to July 20!

Dear all,

Please note that Cubasis (same for the full feature set of Cubasis from Cubasis LE via in-app purchase) is on sale for half the price, valid from July 6 to July 20.

Save also more than 40% on FX Pack 1 and FX Pack 2 available through in-app purchases.

Download Cubasis on the App Store:

More info:

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The specs on the website state that you can only transfer sessions to Cubase Pro 8/8.5, what about the latest version of Nuendo? Thanks.

Can someone tell me if these are good FX or not so I can get them before the sale is over

I don’t have Cubasis but I assume these are similar to the effects that were recently added to Cubase and the VST Amp Rack/VST Bass Amp. If that’s the case they should be pretty good.

Some of these are effects are (for some reason, at least for now) exclusive to Cubasis and aren’t included in either Cubase or Nuendo.

Hi Shazamm,

Below please find additional information about the FX Pack in-app purchases.

MusicAppBlog FX Pack Review

Thesoundtestroom FX Pack Review

STMG FX Pack product information

Hope that helps.


Wow im actually blown away coming from other IOS DAW’s Your FX are very useful and have great sonic quality for IOS. Kudos kind sir. Almost feel bad getting them at this price, almost lol. Cheers

Thanks for the kind feedback, glad to hear you’re happy with your FX pack purchase!
Enjoy being creative!


Any idea when this will be on sale next time? I am looking for iOS daw but don’t feel like paying double price compared to what I would have paid last month…

Aw c’mon … For what in does Cubasis is amazing value even at full price, once you have an iPad ( OK that’s not cheap…)

Intact there’s so much functionality to be had out of many, many iOS apps / synths/ effects compared to their hardware ( or even desktop ) versions it’s ridiculous .

Come on in and join the fun!

Special offers like this will be announced once they become available.


Now is your chance. … A special price and a nice upgrade!

I bought it immedeately after it went on sale and it’s awesome! :sunglasses: