Cubasis support for new iConnectMidi interface

The product has not come out yet, but I was wondering what people thought about the possibility for the audio out feature of the new multi bus iConnectMidi.

I have not had much practical success with wireless midi and I would like to use wired midi an my existing midi controllers using midi cables. I have used camera connection kit, with success on ipad but not with iPhone.

I am thinking of buying cubasis; it appears to me to be hands down the best overall midi audio daw on ios. That said, I don’t consider cubasis really complete withou support for effects automation. Not sure whether I can do similar automation through recording midi cc and automating effects through those cc.

Main feature that differentiates iConnectMidi+ is you can connect two devices through USB, pc and ios or two ios with adapter cable. Second is audio from one device can be streamed over USB from one device to the other. This makes animoog and sunriser act somewhat like a VST.

Discussion on any of above welcome.

And my omitted but implied question - would it be compatible with cubasis.

I have little doubt the midi part would work. Would cubasis audio out work with it if I wanted to send midi to cubasis from a pc or other ios daw. Not sure i would use it but I was just wondering