Cubasis timing early when bouncing some IAA's

I have enclosed a screenshot of different bounces of different IAA. Any idea why bouncing stuff that falls on 1 should be early when bounced ???

(Ios 7.1.2 and Cubasis 1.8.2)

All the best

IAA shows up with some limitations stated in the accessories chapter of Cubasis’ In-App help to be found in the app itself or online at:

If you encounter problems during a mixdown/freeze of an IAA track please try the following:

  • Quit Cubasis
  • Launch the instrument app from the home screen manually
  • Double tap the home button and swipe up to quit the app
  • Launch Cubasis and perform freeze again

Please let us know if this helps to solve the problem.



Hi Lars, thanks :slight_smile:

It does not work… With regards to two drum machines (Dm-1 and FunkBox) where Cubasis is master and they are slaves (Cubase midi clock). All programmed patterns within the drum machines sequencers will fall early - the same value every time - it does not matter if they are just slaving along or actually recorded as audio.

They will be loaded as an Iaa on an audio track and follow the midi clock of Cubasis. Both will be early slaving to midi clock. However the Funk Box has a buffer button that says Cubasis and that button will correct the early timing. Dm-1 does not thus arriving early…

Perhaps that can give you an idea of the problem…

Is Cubase midi clock early or what’s up? It seems that Funk Box has it figured out since they have this button where you can correct timing to other Ios Daw’s(Garage Band, Auria, Cubasis)

All the best

All the other IAA’s where bounced with midi from Cubasis own sequencer - arriving 1 ms early - but that’s not a big concern - but not being able to sync other sequencers in time to Cubasis is…