Cubasis timing haywire

Cubasis 1.9.7
iPad Air 2
iOS 9.1
Used to work fine but now even new project with metronome on you can here it warps somehow the clock has gone haywire ?


sorry to hear but could you give us some more information? Any additional hardware, synths or Apps included? A step by step repro so we could reproduce the behavior and could you film a simple video? You can send it to me via PN using wetransfer, dropbox or any other service. That would help!



Same problem here.

A couple days ago out of the blue, the metronome / clock began stuttering and going off-time every measure making Cubasis unusable. I didn’t even update Cubasis or the IOS. This just happened on its own. I still use the same midi controller. The only thing different on my iPad since v 1.9 (my current version) is I added Audio Share for Auria a couple weeks back. Are there any known issues with the Audio Share installation changing IOS settings that would affect Cubasis? Also is there a way to reset the metronome clock?

BTW: I’m still on v 1.9 and I haven’t updated Cubasis or the IOS for fear of update bugs (my updates prior to v 1.9 introduced bugs that cost me many months of down time) so I wanted to park here at v 1.9 until I get a 2nd iPad so that I could keep my current iPad locked at v1.9 as a back-up since it has been working great.

iPad Air / 128 GB
IOS v1.8.1
Cubasis v1.9


Hi pdh,

So far we are not aware of any issues in that area, also there are no relations to other apps.
Please give the iPad a full restart and let me know if this helps to solve the issue.

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,

Thanks for responding. It is good to hear that Cubasis is not affected by the presence of other apps on the iPad.

Yes I had done a full shut off and reboot of the iPad in hopes that would reset everything but it did not. Nothing changed. Would it help if I made a short recording of the click stutter so you can hear where the timing breaks (slows down and speeds up) every measure?

Thanks again,


Hi Paul,

A video plus step by step description would be helpful.
Please upload the video (e.g. via WeTransfer) and provide me with the download link via PM.


Thanks Lars,

I’m PM-ing the video link to you now.



Okay so I’m having the same problem with the metronome!

I’ll record a track directly into cubasis using the line 6 Sonic port vx as my interface. During playback after the 1st measure my track starts to get off with the click! I’m a 30 year veteran and have been in the studio countless times so i know it is not me.
ll ive seen in the forums is you guys saying you havent encountered this issus. Thats impossible because obviously many people have.
Is there a fix for this or is the only solution dleting cubasis and then re-downloading it from the app store? of course then I lose all the song and data i have.
Please help?

Hi Béla,

Thanks for your message.

I’m sorry to hear you encounter problems with Cubasis.

To have the issue analysed and reproduced by our team, please provide me with the following information via PM:

  • A short video that demonstrates the issue
  • A step by step description how to reproduce the issue

Please upload this information via DropBox, WeTransfer or similar and let me have the download link via private message.