Cubasis to Cubase - FX Transfer Bug


I bought the new FX Packs 1 & 2 (nice packs with great UI’s) and wrote down a few ideas on the road, then came home and transferred the projects to Cubase, but the effects did not show up in Cubase.
Additionally just two of the older effects (Flanger and MorphFilter) did show up.
All others where not included in the transfer.

As I use Cubasis like a sketch pad it is absolutely necessary that I - and arguably many others - can continue on a project in Cubase exactly where I left off in Cubasis.

Will this be fixed in the next update?

Cubasis 1.9
Cubasis Project Importer 1.9.0
Cubase 8.0.10


Hi Tamer,

Thanks for your message.
Great to hear you like the FX packs!

Since the Cubase effects differ from the FX pack plug-ins a direct match will not be possible.
We’ve therefore decided to let the user choose the best match here but are open for discussion.


Still reproduced.

Bought FX Pack №1 during last sale an I’m thinking about refund…

Hi zizi,

As mentioned previously the FX packs available via IAP have been designed for Cubasis and are not available as plug-ins in Cubase.

Here are two recommended options when transferring projects that include tracks that contain effects from FX pack 1 and/or 2:

a - Preform a track freeze to render tracks including the effects as audio files
b - Choose a Cubase effect manually that matches best to the FX pack effect chosen

Please let me know if this helps.