Cubasis to cubase presets

Hi there,
Is there a way to transfer micrologue presets (or any preset for that matter) from cubasis to cubase?

With the cubasis to cubase importer only the midi and audio info gets transferred, no track instruments or presets.

I’m with you, anything that improves the integration is a plus.

I only bought Cubasis for the Cubasis to Cubase integration. I currently use Reaper & Cubase Elements on my laptop, with the intention of upgrading to Pro if the integration worked as I hope.

Not that I expect complete comparability, but I can’t even get Cubasis to Share the project. It’s been a Gail for me, so I’m hardly using Cubasis & the upgrade to Pro is on hold.

If I was an Apple user, I would jump on Logic Pro, I’m keeping a close eye on Zenbeats, it’s not quite ready, but may be by the next major release.

So note to Steinberg, integration is critical, for at least 2 of us :slightly_smiling_face: I imagine plenty more!

On a positive note, I think Cubasis is pretty good & Cubase is great, I would just hope they play nice together.

Hi @Luka73,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!!

Normally there should not be an issue to load Cubasis projects that uses Micrologue with a supported Cubase version. In this case, the Micrologue tracks should be assigned to Retrologue (plus loading a matching preset).

In this regard, please also check out our dedicated Cubasis Project Importer article:

If you encounter issues loading Cubasis projects with Cubase, this tutorial provided by our friend Jamie Mallender hopefully helps getting things done…

Please let me know if this helps to resolve your issue!


Hi Lars,

thank you for your response but the issues remains the presets from cubasis don’t get transferred or replaced by an equivalent in cubase, I’ve also tried reinstalling the project importer to ensure I have the latest version but still no change.

Hi @Luka73, Hi @nichz,

Which Cubase versions do you have in use (comparison chart)?
Please note that Retrologue is only included in Cubase Pro and Artist.


I use Elements, but I also own Retrologue. I haven’t really got into the Cubasis->Cubase importig, it’s not working for me. However, I did a quick test today, a 5 track project consisting of 2 tracks of drum (using different kits) & 3 instrument tracks (2 micrologue & 1 microsconic).

All instrument tracks were migrated to Halion instruments (it got the instrument types correct) & only 1 drum track came across, the other didn’t work.

No micrologue to Retrologue migration at all.

Hi Lars,

I’m using cubase artist version 12


How do you use retrologue without it being part of elements? its a shame micrologue has some pretty neat presets that i cant find or replocate effectively in retrologue

I got Retrologue separately to Elements. I use a couple of other DAWs on my laptop. I keep toying with the idea of upgrading Elements, for various reasons I haven’t done it. I thought Cubasis ->Cubase import would be the reason I needed to do it, but it hasn’t worked for me.

Hi, I have the same problem,

I use the actual Cubasis version on an iPad 9th generation and Cubase pro 12 .0.70 on Windows 10 pro 10.0.19045 Build 19045.
Also the actual Version of the Cubasis Importer.
I can import the Cubasis Projects, but tracks with the Micrologue open in Cubase Retrologue2 with the Init-Sound.
The track vom Cubasis with the Classic Machine just opens in Cubase with no instrument.

The tutorial doesn’t help me any further.

Anyone an idea?


No one can give us a solution?