Cubasis tracks

Can anyone tell me if Cubasis / Cubasis LE has the Arranger track facility as in Cubase ?

Nah it hasn’t but I wish I did!

Hi Sir Norman Bonus,

As of yet, Cubasis does not include an arranger track.


Cheers for that, suppose we can dream for this in the future !!!

Considering the time they need to implement user requests (did i say Link or sync? :smiling_imp: ) you will be dreaming for a loooooong time for sure!!!

Hi mm70,

Please have a look at our version history, to see yourself how many frequent updates including user-requested features Cubasis has seen since its initial launch end of 2012:

Additionally, all updates have been free for existing users since the first day releasing Cubasis…

Cubasis is made by a super small but thankfully very skilled team, who work hard to maintain the app on a frequent basis.
Updates are properly evaluated and planned to make this happen.

While we would love to fulfil the never ending list of feature requests in one go, this never will be possible.