Cubasis Updates Clarification


It seems there is a bit of anxiousness regarding Cubasis updates. Whether they will be free or not. In the 3 years that I’ve been using ios devices, I have never paid for an app udate. I have however paid extra for ‘in app’ purchases. ie pro sound sets in Sampletank, Alchemy, Music Studio etc. If Cubasis follows this model I am personally fine with it.

If Cubasis is updated at its core functionality, I wouldn’t expect to pay for it. ie adding Audiobus support, option for 24 bit recording, more in depth midi editing, better EQ, etc. If it becomes part of the app as a standard then it shouldn’t be a charged update keeping in line with the rest of the ios app model. (At least from my experience)

It would be nice to know how Steinberg will approach their updates and whether they plan to have some optional in app purchases.

That said, I love this app and look forward to some of the features that Steinberg have mentioned are coming our way.

Hi Akamarko,

Yes, it will be like that! We will start with the Audiobus update (coming soon) which will be for free. :slight_smile: Also, we have many other updates planned for free after that.

Well crohde, That’s the second time you have not replied to one of my questions directed specifically to you! I guess I will have to make do with your answer to the more embellished version of my question put by Akamarko

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thanks for your response on this subject.