Cubasis ur22c support

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to get my ur22c working with Cubasis to no avail - I was told to wait for the December update but this has not addressed the issue at all. (Galaxy S22 Ultra)

Are there any plans to support your own hardware in the future? At this point, Cubasis is a waste of money. i cant use it because the latency is so bad without an interface. All i can do is listen to the two demo tracks.

Many thanks

Hi @jotty1993,

Thanks for your message.

A few days we’ve updated our 3.5 Known Issues article regarding this topic.

Google introduced the issue with their newly added MIDI 2.0 support in Android 13, and are working on a solution. In parallel, we aim to provide a workaround solution in the upcoming Cubasis 3.5.1 update, via disabling the MIDI I/O function.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Best wishes,