Cubasis, UR242, Korg Kronos, Access virus, iPAD Air

Hi all.
Trying to connect the above via lightning camera adapter and a USB hub.

  • Kronos midi out to Virus TI desktop midi in
  • Kronos USB to Hub USB
  • UR242 USB to Hub USB
  • Hub USB to lightning adapter
  • adapter to iPAD Air

Cubasis recognizes UR242 as audio device, but as soon as I connect Korg Kronos, the audio device changes to Kronos :frowning: is there a method I could keep UR242 as the audio device?

Any help appreciated.

Not sure if your whole setup can work over the Apple Camera Connction kit.
But it looks like the Kronos connects it’s Audio soundcard via USB.
Try using classical Midi for a Kronos midi connection instead.