Cubasis versions

Having bought a ur44 interface I loaded the Cubasis LE software but find I could only output to a stereo pair. So I clicked for the upgrade (£28.99) but still find that the new version does not output to separate mono outputs. Infact the complete software seems very limiting. Surely this is not the full version. I don’t want to click for the (£50) app in the iTunes store if this is just the same. Can anyone advise me about this?


Looking at other posts it would seem that upgrading Cubasis LE does give the full Cubasis (although there are still two more in app purchases for fx which then makes it more expensive than buying the full Cubasis!)

Hi Zorro,

The full feature set in-app purchase updates Cubasis LE to the same features of Cubasis.

Once you have bought the in-app purchase it should no longer be available for purchase in the in-app shop of Cubasis LE. Also, when launching the app, a “Cubasis” launch screen appears instead of “Cubasis LE”. Another check is to load a send effect (which are not available in LE).

To assign tracks to additional outputs, please open the “Routing” tab in the inspector and tap the output (e.g. 1/2) to open the “Outputs” popup and choose one of the available outputs.

Hope that helps.