Cubasis vs Waves plugins?

The optional Waves plugins that be purchased for Cubasis - are they “better than” the internal ones? Better audio quality? More features (it’s seem so)? Do they sound even better than the internal ones?


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While I leave it to our users to comment on the quality of the Waves plug-ins, here are some links to a few of our tutorials which show the plug-ins in action:

New Waves Plug-ins Featured in Cubasis 2.3
How to Record Killer Vocals with The New Waves Tune plug-in in Cubasis | Cubasis 3.2

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Leroifox, the short answer is yes. I can get great results using Cubasis 3’s great Channel Strip and internal effects. Fantastic results really. The Waves plug-ins are incredible and can do similar things. But each has its own flavor. I use Waves AudioTrack on many of my live recordings and I can get a lot done with that one plug-in. I like having both because sometimes I like to get different audio textures using Waves and another using Cubasis onboard effects, or mix&match.

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An advantage I can see with Waves is also the very complete manuals for Waves plugins that Waves host on their site.

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Yes, they are better. Must buy.

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I find the controls on the Waves plug-ins for IOS very finicky. If I’m using a mouse they’re ok. Without a mouse, on my 2018 11” iPad Pro, even with my relatively small fingers the controls are hard to use precisely.

I don’t have this problem with other plug-ins, such as those from FabFilter.

I’m sure sonically the Waves plug-ins are excellent, but their commitment to IOS development is very limited compared to FabFilter or DDMF, for example, who fully port their flagship plug-ins to the IOS platform.

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Thanks guys for the replies. One thing that puts me off buying the Waves plugins is: I can only use them in Cubasis. I feel like I should buy audio units so I can use them in any DAW, such as NanoStudio 2, Garageband, etc.

I must say, I do like Garageband’s compressor. I wish there was an auv3 version. It sounds clean but “punchy”. Anyway, I digress. :slight_smile:

Cubasis is only decent iPad DAW worth using, others have not good GUI slowing work. They good for hobby use with infinite time available. KORG gadget has lot of fun stuff, good sound but UI especially for working with audio is no-no.

MIDI learn in Cubasis 3.3 is game changer, you never go back to DAW without MIDI learn.

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Personally, I find NanoStudio 2 to be great for making tracks and has a better piano roll than Cubasis, but NanoStudio 2’s lack of audio tracks is a pain in the ass. :slight_smile:

I would like to have another competitor with Cubasis on iPad. Sadly there are none.

  • Nanostudio has no audio
  • KORG gadget has workflow making working with audio incredibly painful and no recording. Also tracker based layout is probably not what majority of DAW users wants
  • Auria Pro - GUI takes too much space on the screen, actions takes much more steps then in Cubasis. It has desktop based UI and workflow which is too slow for mobile, I am fine with less features if I can work faster. MIDI editing capabilities almost non existent. Program is for mixing only. Who doing massive multi tracks mixing on iPAD? My worflow is always combined with MIDI.
  • Garage band would be good if Apple did not decide to cripple it and make it more like advanced toy.
  • FL Studio Mobile is so weird, I want traditional UI.
  • Roland DAW - GUI is not nice, and its pretty limited
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Is it possible to control Waves H-Delay with a midi controller using Cubasis’ midi learn?

Waves IOS plug-ins don’t support midi learn.

Other plug-ins from at least one major maker do support midi learn on the IOS platform. Search for some of the biggest plug-in companies in Europe and you’ll find at least one that totally supports the IOS platform with full ports of their Mac/Windows plug-ins. They do midi learn.

I want to support Waves. I want to buy locally made products (I am a citizen and resident of the same country as Waves operates from), but I find their support for the IOS platform to be behind that of competitors’.