Cubasis vs Waves plugins?

The optional Waves plugins that be purchased for Cubasis - are they “better than” the internal ones? Better audio quality? More features (it’s seem so)? Do they sound even better than the internal ones?


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While I leave it to our users to comment on the quality of the Waves plug-ins, here are some links to a few of our tutorials which show the plug-ins in action:

New Waves Plug-ins Featured in Cubasis 2.3
How to Record Killer Vocals with The New Waves Tune plug-in in Cubasis | Cubasis 3.2

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Leroifox, the short answer is yes. I can get great results using Cubasis 3’s great Channel Strip and internal effects. Fantastic results really. The Waves plug-ins are incredible and can do similar things. But each has its own flavor. I use Waves AudioTrack on many of my live recordings and I can get a lot done with that one plug-in. I like having both because sometimes I like to get different audio textures using Waves and another using Cubasis onboard effects, or mix&match.

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An advantage I can see with Waves is also the very complete manuals for Waves plugins that Waves host on their site.

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Yes, they are better. Must buy.

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I find the controls on the Waves plug-ins for IOS very finicky. If I’m using a mouse they’re ok. Without a mouse, on my 2018 11” iPad Pro, even with my relatively small fingers the controls are hard to use precisely.

I don’t have this problem with other plug-ins, such as those from FabFilter.

I’m sure sonically the Waves plug-ins are excellent, but their commitment to IOS development is very limited compared to FabFilter or DDMF, for example, who fully port their flagship plug-ins to the IOS platform.

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Thanks guys for the replies. One thing that puts me off buying the Waves plugins is: I can only use them in Cubasis. I feel like I should buy audio units so I can use them in any DAW, such as NanoStudio 2, Garageband, etc.

I must say, I do like Garageband’s compressor. I wish there was an auv3 version. It sounds clean but “punchy”. Anyway, I digress. :slight_smile: