Cubasis with Alesis iO Dock II Footswitch

Just bought an Alesis iO Dock II.

It has a 1/4" TRS cable input on the back, for a foot pedal, which Alesis says can be used to control an app, if the app has the right built-in capability.
Alesis User Guide specifies: “Footswitch - Connect a single- or dual-button footswitch to iO Dock to send CC Toggle messages that can be assigned in your software. Refer to your software’s manual for more information on assigning these CC messages. Single-Button Footswitch: If you are using a single-button footswitch, pressing the footswitch for the first time sends a data value of 127 for CC #14 over channel 1. Pressing the footswitch for the second time sends a data value of “0” for CC #14 over channel 1.”

Question: Can Cubasis be programmed to receive and respond to “CC Toggle messages”, such as is explained above?