Cubasis with GarageBand and FL Studio instruments

I tried to control other ipad DAWs from Cubasis through Virtual MIDI and I’ve found nice workflow on how I can use virtual instruments from GarageBand and FL studio for project in Cubasis (I also tried NanoStudio and BeatMaker 2 but they don’t want to work with Virtual Midi).
Here is the video:

Thank you for this, very informative.

Care to share how you recorded the iPad screen video?

Thanks for the information. Though it’s not very handy to work
like that yet in my opinion. I wish that was possible with iMaschine
and LoopMash HD. iMaschine has only an iTunes and a SoundCloud Export.
Would be very nice for drums.I haven’t tried it with LoopMash yet.

I used Reflection for Mac (it’s kind of AirPlay server) and mirrored iPad screen to that with just Airplay feature. It comes with delay, so if you want to perform on your ipad it is better to use video camera.

Oh, I love iMaschine, sound there are best in class. After playing with app, I decided to buy Maschine.
And I dream when iMaschine will support something like Audiobus or at least Audiocopy.

Have you tried the App “Electronic Piano Synthesizer” with this?
It supports virtual midi and audio paste so it should work.
Wow. This is almost like looking for new VSTs. :slight_smile:

Maybe we should make a list here with Apps that can be used this way in Cubasis?

Have you tried sample tank yet? It has virtual midi support but I didn’t read about audio copy.
This would really make a difference as the sounds there are really good!

Edit: Just read that they added audio copy as an export function! The 17,99€ will be worth it
I guess. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!

Edit: And it’s me again. Just had a look at the ratings and it seems like the sounds are distorting
when having other apps opened while using it. So has anybody any experience with it?

All Virtual MIDI capable apps can be controlled and recorded in Cubasis.
Have a lookie here:
Some of my favourites that I use are: Addictive Synth, Sunrizer, NLog Pro, Magelian, Wavegenerator, Arctic Keys, CrystalSynth XT, Korg iMS-20 and iPlolysix, Animoog and Casini to name the few.

Cool! Thank you!

SampleTank is great but it doesn’t work with Cubasis ((
I checked it in different ways.
It seems that these two apps conflicting on the background sound level.
That’s why I tried to make Cubasis work with GarageBand and FL Studio.

Same thing with BeatMaker 2 (May be I’m wrong with BM but I couldn’t manage to make it work as instrument for Cubasis)

Nice list!
I would add there GarageBand. Though they don’t announce it officially but in fact it works fine when you use it virtual midi sequencers - see in my video, I routed Cubasis midi out to virtual midi and GB works very well even in the background.

That’s a shame, I was really hoping I could use Sampletank with Cubasis, hopefully this will get addressed eventually (before I shell out 50 bucks)

It is not a bug of Cubasis I think, it is wrong implementation of background audio and virtual midi in Sampletank. Hope they will fix it.

I posted a request on Ik Multimedia’s Facebook page for Audiobus support and they say it is being discussed. (whatever that means) Ya, their background audio is flaky at best. I bought their iRig keys as a controller and it’s pretty flaky as well. THEY claim io6 as the culprit… Hopefully they get things sorted out all round with their apps and gear.

When they’ll get this fixed, we’ll have a bomb of a combo here.

You got that right my man!

Just added the iMPC to my apps today. It’s quite nice. I like the look and feel and
the delivered samples are great. When they add virtual midi it’s gonna be my choice for drums.
Right now I make the beats and audiocopy them to Cubasis.
This whole iOS thing is becoming quite anoying. How hard can it be to add virtual midi
support for an app that already is able to receive Midi data (the iMPC was released with
the MPC fly)? I get the feeling that there’s always something missing no matter what app.

Another thing: I just don’t understand why NI and Akai are so fixed on getting the user to use
their creepy host applications for further work on the stuff that you made
on the go. Sure, I’d use machine and I’d use an MPC Studio. But NOT their hosts.
They’re jokes. I just want the right patch loaded with the midi data I created
on the go in my host of choice. This strategy is so lame.
They’d sell more of it when they’d keep it a little more open!
Frustrating! :angry:

They produce good hardware and plugins. But when will they finally get it
that their hosts suck?!

Sample tank and iMPC with virtual midi will be great until you try and mix tracks down… And just get left with a load of blank tracks. Audiobus is the only real way of getting apps to work with cubase at the moment.

You need virtual midi to kerp all the apps in sync…
then record the stuff with audiobus. I think that both
should be implemented to start a real production with them.