Cubasis3 crashes

*English is not my mother tongue, and my expression may be inappropriate. Please bear with me.
What happened?
origin:google play

Abort message: ‘FORTIFY: pthread_mutex_lock called on a destroyed mutex (0x7f61c2f748)’

  #00 pc 000000000001ee20  /dev/__properties__/u:object_r:binder_cache_system_server_prop:s0

Hi @Kanerteeree2011

Thank you for your crash report and welcome to the Cubasis forum!
Your report has been shared with our engineering.

Warm greetings,

Hi @Kanerteeree2011

Thanks again for your message.

Unfortunately the report did not provide further information.

Please make sure to enable “Multi-core Processing” (located under “Setup/Audio”). If the problem persists, please provide us with an exact repro.

& stay safe,

Hi Lars,
Thank you for your reaction.
I have enabled it (or so it is by default). The crash happened so suddenly that I couldn’t reproduce it.
At present, I have not continued to encounter similar problems. If I have, I will continue to follow up in next post.(And, sorry, I didn’t read the issue rule in the cubasis plate)

Best wishs,
Kanerteeree2011 :laughing:

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