Cubasis3 Early adopters left out in the cold

Great to see Cubasis has evolved yet again, however…
It seems loyalty means nothing with the release of Cubasis3.
Early adopter who payed and supported cubasis have to pay again for cubasis3, where as anyone that never made a purchase will only have to pay once and reap all the benefits from the early adopters!?

How is this fair?

Maybe we all need to get a refund on our current version and then go purchase Cubasis 3.

Come on Steinberg…
We early adopters should at least deserve a 50% discount!
Even if you want to claim Apple don’t allow cross grades, I know you can send a promo code to current users to allow download.

The bundle method is an easy way to allow for upgrades on the App Store as Klevgrand has done here with Haaze…