Cubasis3 pure acid sync issues

hi there,

i have timing issues in cubasis3 when using pure acids midi out.
it’s always off,in a manner you can hear it.i have to record an quantise first to fit.
also some auv3 are running out of sync after some time.
is there a workaround?

Hi @Birdypie,

Thanks for your message.

We suggest to get in touch with the third party app vendors to discuss the topic. We’re at hand to provide them with Cubasis promo codes for testing, if required.

Hope that helps!


that’s a important point, cause the midi lag/delay/sync issues are the same with all 3th party plugins.
iam pretty sure the issue is inside cubasis.

just tried fuege machine and the rozetta stuff.
same delay.

Hi @Birdypie,

We are unaware about any issues in this regard.

You may give it a try to close all running apps (including) Cubasis and fully shut down the iOS device afterwards.

Does everything works as expected afterwards?


i tried alot of things, none brought a solution.
shall i post a video clip?

Hi @Birdypie,

Thanks for your message.
Yes, please share a simple clip with us that shows the steps leading to the issue.


ok, it seems to be the same with all auv3 midi output having a delay in latest cubasis. at least here. as for midifx fuege machine and mozaic seem to be the only two that don’t produce delay.
it seems to regards playback online, because as i real-time record the midi its tight.

are there settings in cubasis adress this maybe?

Hi @Birdypie

Again, we are unaware about AU sync issues with Cubasis.

Please provide us with a short clip that shows all steps from launching the app with an empty project to the issue.

Please give it a check to set latency to a low value, and make sure that MIDI Output Latency is set to 0 ms.

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keep latency under 10ms fixes all timing issues!

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