Cubasis3 Refund

With no upgrade path from Cubasis 2 I decided to bite the bullet and buy Cubasis 3.
Nooope. Not ready for public release got my refund won’t be going there again any time soon.
I will stick with v2.

HI Quinnx,

Thank you for your feedback.
We are sorry to read about your issues.

While Cubasis 3 seems to work for many users, other user encounter serious issues.
We are working on a maintenance update, which is aimed to address several problems.

Best wishes,

It doesn’t actually work for many users though does it? Is there a separate forum somewhere full of happy customers, or just this one where nobody can reliably get Cubasis to do even the most basic of things?

Hi drcongo,

Given the current app ratings in the App Store, there are users who are satisfied with the app so far, while others seem to have issues.
As mentioned, before we are working on a maintenance update to address these problems.

If you have issues to share, please let us have your bug report.


Hi Lars

I’ve submitted reports already. Like this one that got completely ignored

Hi drcongo,

In general, our Steinberg forums are user community forums, not meant to be technical support forums.
Nevertheless, I do my best next to managing the Cubasis project, to support and comment as much as I can.

Please note that I’ve just replied to your Classic Machines topic (
Here, something seems to be wrong with your system/setup. Please have a look at my repro video, and please try to give your iPad a full restart.

We’re not equipped with Pumphouse, will get in touch with our friends at Audio Damage to get a copy and giving your issue a repro.


Thanks Lars, I really don’t mean to take my frustration out on you, but given the videos I’ve uploaded I hope you can understand why I’m so frustrated.

Hi drcongo,

Thank you for your message.

Did restarting the iPad solved the issue at your end?