Cubasis3 virtual midi in/out not visible in Cubasis3

I use Cubasis3 with AUM.
The 16 midi track of the “aum source” is “full”.
I know that I can also use the 16 midi track of the Network Session but I noticed something.
In AUM I can select Cubasis3 virtual out as midi output, but in Cubasis3
I don’t see Cubasis virtual in.
What could be the reason for this?

In Cubasis3

Hi @phonaak,

This might be just a naming convention, it could be that AUM labels each app’s port “virtual”, and also shows its own port. This is not how it works in Cubasis 3, where other apps can be selected as source or target. Presenting Cubasis’ own port as output target wouldn’t fit into this scheme. MIDI is limited to 16 channels, and if you hit that limit with Cubasis and another app (AUM), it might be possible to resolve this by using one of the MIDI routing apps on the App Store. AUM could output to a MIDI routing app, where you could forward the data to Cubasis, to gain 16 additional channels.