Cubasiss in ap purchase, plugin and track count

I just bought a new Ipad. I have an older Ipad Mini as well that has Cubasis that I bought with the effects pack 1. It IS fully functional with ALL factory and in app purchased plugins working as well. I can get more then 10 tracks of MIDI as well as 10 tracks of audio probably more.
When I loaded Cubasis on my now Ipad, it is NOT fully functional at all! I am missing my in app purchases, the track count is only four and it will only record in 16bit 44.1. I paid for the full version of Cubasis LE and it IS working on my old (a little over a year) Ipad Mini. Can anyone help me get the full version working on my new Ipad?

Hi Poopieface,

Please follow these steps to restore the purchases on your new iPad:

Please make sure to log-in with the same account, used for your previous purchase

(1) Tap the “Shop” button in the Cubasis top menu bar to the right
(2) In the shop: Tap the “Restore Purchased” button bottom right

Hope that helps to solve the problem.

Best wishes,