Cube AI + Yamana MX49 Midi + PC


I am setting up my little studio and I got midi to work as far as Cube can record notes and play them back through my MX49.
I used to work wity midi many years ago and I expect there has been a lot of new functionality added now.
I am currently have a few questions. I am reading a lot and try to find information on-line, but if anyone can giva me a hint where to look or know tha answers to my questions, it would be great.

Is it possible to store sound changes in Cubase midi recordings?
Is it possible to record Layers?
Is it possible to record Arpeggios?

I hope the questions are not too stupid… :wink:
Thank you for reading!

If you mean Program Change messages so - yes, these are recorded as parts of the midi stream and played back. Other kind of changes of sound parameters are probably handled as Control Change messages that can also be recorded but then you must enable “Write Automation” (…provided that MX49 actually send these changes over midi)

I guess that you mean Layers in MX49 - i.e. multiple sounds that send/receive on individual midi channels. You can record them on individual tracks in Cubase if you set each track to the corresponding midi channel. When played back all channels will play simultaneously.

Cubase record everything that is sent from MX49 so if the arpeggio is created by MX49 and sent over midi it will be recorded.

Thank you so much!

Hi again! When I try to setup Arpeggio when midi is connected to Cubbase it does not work. It is single notes only. If I unplug the midi cable and set up in the same way on the MX49 it works fine again. Any clues?

Check page 28 in the reference manual if you have set the arpeggio parameters correct for Cubase recording.

Thank you! Almost there now. Thank you for letting me ask qustions that might be obvious for most of you here.

I record a midi channel from the mx49 and edit it fine in Cubase.
I then add a second midi channel in Cubase and want to record next sound. When I change the sound for channel 2 it also changes for channel 1 already recorded. I did make sure there was no midi input on channel 1 but it still changes.

Also is there a limit using 16 midi channels, so for instance I should not use up several channels for the drum parts only? Like one channel for kick, one for snare etc. Is it correct to use one midi channels for all drum sounds but one channel each in Cubase?

Thank you for any input!

You use “channel” for a bit too many things, so just to clear things up - this is what you should do:

  • Create a track in Cubase and have the track listen to midi channel 1.
  • Configure a sound in mx49 and make it send on midi channel 1.
  • Create a new track in Cubase and have the track listen to midi channel 2.
  • Configure a new sound in mx49 and make it send on midi channel 2.

Is this what you did? If it is, there is no apparent reason as to why the sound on midi channel 1 would change when you change sound on midi channel 2.

Regarding drums the standard way is to have all drums on midi channel 10 and record them on one track in Cubase. You can edit the track with the drum editor in Cubase, or - if you absolutely want them on separate tracks - you can use the Dissolve function in the Midi menu to create a separate track for each drum. You can still have them all play back on the same midi channel even if they are split on separate Cubase tracks.