Cubebase export to Logic

i have a problem and i am currently using the program Cubebase pro 9 and would like to send my raw recordings to a producer who uses the program logic.

What do I have to do so that he can use my raw recording (tracks)?

How do I proceed?


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Hi and welcome to the forum,

If Logic can import it, you can export AAF or OMF from Cubase.

Thank you mate!
But the problem is i export this music as a AFF and OMF but the producer say it doesnt work for him.
Have Cubebase another option to export the files via one WAV and if i put the WAV inside the programm its with multiple, tracks.

Like on a streaming software i can record the voice out of more tracks, (BACKGROUND,Microphon,Discord,…) i hope u understand this


This is, what is the AAF and OMF formats designed for. I’m surprised Logic still doesn’t support it.

How many tracks do you have in the project?

I have a friend on a Mac and I just make sure every track starts at the same place and has no gaps. You can do this by setting markers and exporting each track. They will then be aligned correctly on logic. Surely logic can import wav files? I know a friend who uses lowly garage band and this can

I wonder why this spelling?

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The safest way to exchange files between different software programs is to simply make 24/48 wav file stems that all start at 00:00. Make sure you indicate the tempo and sample rate on each file when you label them, Example: “kick_drum_01_126bpm_24-48.wav”. There will be no problems (haha, famous last words).

Good luck!

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Here is a nice video that shows what the features are. There is no problem moving between Logic and Cubase with stems. I know for a fact that people working on American tv programs do this all the time, both directions. This producer… someone you know?

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I love his videos! Great teacher. He really helped me understand VST Connect. And he’s a great musician as well.

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