Cubes 7 Ai and pro 8.5 wont import tracks properly

Hello, I own Cubase LE AI Elements 7 and have just upgraded to pro 8.5. When I try to import tracks from a project I was working on in AI 7 into pro 8.5 the tracks are uneven and spread out all over the place and in playback they don’t sync up evenly, even though when they were recorded they did. I have attached a screenshot to give a visual. One way I get around this is exporting each individual track in AI 7 to a wave file and then import each audio file one by one into pro 8.5. Will this decrease the audio quality if I do it this way? If I could figure out how to fix the import problem I could still use the edits previously made in AI 7. Is this a known issue?
cubase screenshot ai.jpg