Cubsase 7.5 not responding

Hi there,
So I upgrade for cubase 7.5 a few weeks ago and its all work fine with no problems…

But now, in the last few days when I try to work in cubase and I open a empty project, and for example add an instrument track such a groove agent se, thesoftware is freezing and doesn’t respond anymore,…

I done Ctrl + alt + delete and use the task manager to close the software and re open it, but still, same thing happen…

what can I do please ?


Try this…


I am not sure how this link can help with solving my problem (?)


For some reason the article will not display right now. Maybe they are editing it or something but I know it was there recently…

If you are on Windows, right after you double click the Cubase icon, hold down “CTRL+SHIFT+ALT”.
You should enter into a “Safe Start” mode. There you can choose to start Cubase with the current user preferences, by temporarily disabling the user preferences, or my permanently restoring the user preferences to the factory defaults.

Aloha guys,
The link is working fine here.

“Safe Start” mode.


It is now working again here also.