Cue changes dynamic's position

The fortissimo is (intentionally) attached to the downbeat of the 3rd bar. I appreciate that Dorico intelligently places it before the end of the 2nd bar, as the 3rd bar contains no music for the player, and right-aligns the dynamic before the barline.

Why does adding a cue change the position of the fortissimo? No music has been added for the player in bar 3.

This is the answer to your question :slight_smile:

I can appreciate that this is undesired behavior … But on the other hand, perhaps they didn’t think of such a case because who needs a cue immediately after the last note played?

To provide clarity at a tempo change in non-conducted music, for one example (tempi not included in screenshot)

As this is an unusual situation, not much effort is involved with moving the dynamic back manually.

Eventually, perhaps, this situation will be corrected when more common situations have been taken care of.

Even better perhaps use one of the invisible voice hacks and attach it to an invisible note on, say, m2 3&. That way it’ll autospace in various layouts…