Cue Feature - Amazing!

Wow - I am pretty impressed with the depth of features for cues in the 1.2 Update!

Congrats to all on the D Team!

Anthony Hughes has a great video about this:

Amazing work, indeed! Under Suggest Cues, Resting for XXX secs… I was hoping to see an option for XXX Bars as well though… maybe next time :slight_smile:

I second that! This is the best implementation that one could imagine. Way to go!

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Great! Thank you team. That makes Dorico a real professional program. Finally I can use it for orchestra scores. And the way you did it is simlpy fantastic.

Absolutely terrific! Thank you.


My wife has a degree in music but doesn’t keep up with these types of developments. I watched the new video on cues and desperately tried to explain to her just how amazing this is… I don’t even have that much use for it in the work that I do, and yet, I’m still stunned by it. The other guys must be quaking. If Dorico keeps up this breakneck development and tackles a few more of the bigger holes the others don’t stand a chance. I can only imagine symphonic engravers giggling with glee over this.