Cue in Percussion: could be pasted!

I feel like the sentiment here is that you cannot add cues to a drum part — and technically, you can’t (directly)
But today I found out that you can copy a cue from another instrument!
I was preparing a big band chart of mine which consists of, among others - percussion and drums. I have intentionally written the percussion part as a hurdy-gurdy with a changed name to be able to attach cues to it. So far everything is as advertised - a little hack to make it happen.
I changed the cue to rhythmic and distance to 0. Renamed Hurdy gurdy to Percussion. Perfect

I could paste the same cue from hurdy-gurdy to drums (regular drums) and it still shows, is editable and all!
That is unexpected and I think (relatively?) unknown. I hope it proves that with a little extra step of an additional stave - you can have drumset notation AND intelligent cues without having to write them out

This is well known. See here, for example: Percussions: what am I doing wrong? - Dorico - Steinberg Forums