Cue in percussions and flow instruments


I came across two things I am trying to figure out. First, I tried to add cue from Trombone 1 to 5-line staff Percussion parts (Bass Drum and Cymbals), but it doesn’t let me to pick the instrument to pick the cue from as I do it for other instruments (even Timpani worked). Any tips on this?

Also since I am doing symphony film music work, there are a lot of drums and a lot of cues under one file and I would like to list the percussion instruments for every single flow, not just the whole project. Any tips on that?

Thank you very much for all your help.


You can’t cue a pitched instrument onto an unpitched instrument, I’m afraid. There’s quite a lot of discussion about this here on the forum, which you should search for if you’re interested in the various workarounds people employ to get around this. One is to create the cue on a different pitched instrument, then cut and paste it onto the percussion kit. Another is to give a pitched instrument to the percussionist and put the cue on that pitched instrument, relying on Dorico’s automatic instrument changes to cause the cue to appear on the pitched staff.

I’m not sure what you’re asking in your second question. Where are you wanting to list the percussion instruments? In staff labels, in front matter, somewhere else?

Thank you very much for your reply. Thank you for the tips on how to do it. I will test it out.

As for the second question. Orchestra percussions are tricky in notation programs everywhere so far, but I like 5 lines, but a lot of things which I would like to have to be shown can’t be so easily so at the end instead of kits I just decided to went with non-kits and just added instruments so the thing I wanted I think changed a little bit. Like this I think I can just put token and it will list it. The thing that I want to achieve though that in one part there are two players (one piatti, one sus. cymb.) for example. When only one plays it’s fine, but when two plays it would be nice to have the label on the left at the start of the system, but only that system when it shows two instruments so the players know which staff is theirs. Is it possible? I don’t want a label on every system when it’s for example only one player playing so there is only one staff. I am sorry for the explanation, hopefully it’s understandable :slight_smile:

You can specify that Dorico should show a staff label at the start of a particular system by having an explicit system break there, then select the system break and in the Properties panel, activate the ‘Staff label’ property to override the normal setting for whether or not staff labels should show there.

Awesome. I will try that. Thank you very much! Just a little bit off-topic. Thank you very much for Dorico creation. I always hated writing notes in any notation software, I found it dull, boring, overcomplicated, but was forced to do it. Dorico gave me enjoyment of creating sheets again. There are things I would love to see being better and easier, but for quite some time it’s my go-to software and trying to get more people on it. So thank you and can’t wait for updates and new features :slight_smile: