Cue label showing transposition even though it's disabled

I’m trying to remove the “in F” transposition part from the cue label. I have disabled the appropriate option in Engraving Options (under Cues > Cue Labels > Instrument pitch or transposition), but still it is being shown:

I’ve tried to use the Edit Instrument Names dialog for the English Horn to set “Show transposition” from Follow Layout Options to Never, but that actually removes it not only from cues, but also in places where I’d like to keep it (i.e. staff labels).

I also looked in the Layout Options dialog and found the Staves and Systems > Staff Labels > Instrument pitch or transpositions option, but that doesn’t seem to affect cue labels (as expected).

Here’s an example score where I could reproduce this:

cue.dorico (450.6 KB)

(I’m aware of being able to manually change the label in the bottom bar, but as it is an explicit option in the Engraving Options dialog, I expect it to work as such.)

Could anyone give me a pointer how to resolve this?

For the time being you need to resolve this manually (using the cue’s Start Text property).

This is a known bug that I reported last month: Engraving Options > Cue Labels > Transposition seems to be broken

Hi Leo, good to see it’s already known.