Cue-like notes which don't get played & aren't from another part

Hi folks

It would be useful on my current piece to put in a silent note with a tiny note-head, to be a kind of quasi-cue unrelated to any of the other parts.

(The reason is, I’d like to suggest to some not-super-experienced violin players a good place to move up to fifth position during their rests. The note I would add is where their first finger would want to land after the move, and the note they would next play is with fourth finger. So this note never actually gets played, just “felt for” so to speak.)

I found Cue size notes without reference to an already existing part?
That’s close to what I’m looking for. But i.i.u.c., that one refers to notes which would make a sound on playback, and just look different. I’d prefer one which didn’t play back, in that respect more similar to a “see what the other people are doing” cue, so that I don’t have to produce a separate version if I want a nice playback as well.

Any thoughts on a good way to do this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Would either of these suit?
The first was entered as a normal note, then the notehead selected and size property set to 75%, the second just uses a grace note. Both have the bracketed-notehead property set, and both have suppress playback set.

Aaah thanks, I didn’t know there was an option for “suppress playback”! That should do the trick. I’ll come back here if it doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Actually no, wait a minute. I also want a rest to show at the normal size. (Because this cue-note would be positioned during while they’re “really” counting rests.) Can there be a little cue note and a normal-sized rest, showing on the same beat?

Use 2 voices and put the ‘cue’ note in the 2nd (you will have to change the rest position property to 0 to get the rest to appear in its normal position. Also use the Engrave hide stem property).

If this creates ‘extra’ unwanted rests you can selectively remove them. Also you could use an unusual notehead for your cue (right-click Notehead>…) and also add fingerings…

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You can also set the note in that 2nd voice as “starts voice” and “ends voice” (I think you can do both on the same note) and the rests will disappear

This looks great, thanks! I’ll give it a try.