Cue missing lyrics

I am missing some lyrics in a cue for some reason.

Attached is a screenshot and project with two rhythmically identical cues. I actually just copy/pasted then changed the instrument from Lead Vocal (a) to Lead Vocal (b).

Insights, anyone?

Lyrics missing in cue.dorico (877.6 KB)

I really have no idea what’s going on here.
When I deleted the word “boys” from the top line that caused the trouble and re-entered it, it suddenly showed up in the cue…

Ah, now I got some clue:
When you select the word “boys” in the second line and have a look at the status bar, it says “Bars 4-5”. Select “boys” from the top line and it says “Bars 4-7”.
Now, the cue on Violin 1 is shorter than the cue in Violin 2. If you make the cue in Vln.1 longer until it is able to hold the whole “Bars 4-7” “boys”, they will show up.

@dspreadbury Maybe you want to have a look at why Dorico thinks the word “boys” in the top line is longer than the corresponding phrase? (And should the cue include the word even though it is held longer than the cue?)

Sometimes lyrics can end up “thinking” they last longer than they appear to, which can impact which bars consolidate into multi-bar rests, for example. I can’t remember how you can end up with an over-long lyric, but re-opening the lyrics popover and stepping through its extension again can reset the duration (especially if you temporarily input a new note immediately after where the lyric should end, to give the popover a close-by next note to jump to).

Yes, this is what I could have done. Re-entering the lyric as I normally would (with no final note) just produced the blank lyric in the cue again with the properties stating the lyric was 3-4 bars long.

Before you posted I just copied the lyric from the bottom stave to the top instead.

I encountered a related issue just yesterday. After entering some Monteverdi (long note values), I decided that, for the amateur group that’s supposed to sing it, it would be better to halve the note values (and add regular barlines, and so on).
I selected all music (including lyrics), activated Insert Mode, and chose Halve Note Durations. This went remarkably well (no triplets to mess it up).
The only issue I saw, upon close examination, was that lyrics that extended over multiple syllables had extension lines reaching into the next note/syllable, as if they actually wanted to last longer than they did. I had to step through all lyrics and type space or ‘-’, depending on the syllable, to straighten it up.
Apparently, lyrics have their own (invisible) rhythmic value, initially borrowed from the notes where you enter them, but not entirely managed synchronously when you alter the notes’ durations. Sometimes, this gets messed up, like when halving the values, or copying lyrics from one staff to another, where the rhythm is slightly different. It would be nice if these hard to see glitches would be ironed out at some time in the future. Or that it’d be easier to detect that a lyric doesn’t quite fit the notes it’s attached to.