Cue Mix Group Channel Panning Issue

When setting up cue mixes, the panning works great and passes through to the cue mix. But if you have mono channels mixed into a group channel with specific panning - for a full drum set, as example - and you add that group channel to a cue mix, all panning information for that is lost. This seems to be a real oversight and/or bug to me, unless I’m missing something.

To clarify, panning is present and correct in the Group Channel when you listen to it in Main Mix (from the mono channels routing to that group channel) but your pan information is lost if you try to use a group channel in a cue mix (within the cue mix). This makes having drums in a cue mix painstaking if you can’t use a group channel and retain pan. Without using a group channel, If someone wants the drums turned down (as a whole) you have to do it on every drum track’s cue mix. Major pain.


To the Cue, do you send only the Group, or do you send there the source Audio track + the Group? Could you please attach a screenshot of MixConsole and the Routing of affected Channels, please?

Just sending the group - that is the point, not having to send every single drum track. There should be an option to retain the pans of all the channels sent to that group in the cue mix.


It works to me as expected. See attached screenshot, please.