Cue mix limited

Hello, I would like to ask if I can increase the number of CUE Mix, 4 HEADPHONES are not enough for a band, we record together

Is there a simple way and why is the number limited?


You can use aux send to an output pair for extra cans.

Thanks for your reply, can you attach a picture of the way?

I’m good at mixing but I’m very bad at ROUTING


No, unfortunately you cannot add more Cue Mixes. The limit of 4 Cue Mixes is fixed.

i think if steinberg add more cues really helpfull like studio one unlimited cues

This should be addressed in the next version!


Tired of asking… byt yes, they should double it to 8 IMO


I hope this is soon,
because I am starting to feel frustrated with the many requests for new features that are available to competitors from other DAWs such as Studio One, Logic, and others.
It is not noticed by steinberg dev team

I even see that some features should be added by the research team at Steinberg, if this team exists, without the need for people’s insistence.

There are advantages that have become basic requirements for work and not to increase entertainment and pleasure…

we hope soon will see 8 cues or unlimited

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Just to be clear, you need 8 separate different discrete stereo monitor mixes?

It has happened yes… I have on several occasions when tracking full bands (across 2 or 3 rooms) set up both 5 and 6 monitor mixes… The 4 first one (Cubase Cue Mix 1-4) was MUCH faster to set up than setting up the 2 next ones (Aux Bus version).
Would like to have all (more than 4) in the Control Room section together… Hence my wish for 8 Cue Mixes.


Ok. I’ve never thought of this, the 4 monitor mixes have been suficient for me, but you’re right, it should allow more for cases like yours.

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