Cue mix strangeness

I started a session today using a project that I’ve already used to record using VST Connect SE, and all of a sudden, I’ve now got my own talkback mic in my headphones. This hasn’t happened before, and I made no changes to the setup.

Any thoughts?

One way would be if you have your mic also connected to another input channel.
Maybe this helps:
You can also find the latest versions there. Version 4.0.43 could be available tomorrow we hope.

I can confirm that it’s not connected to any other input channel. I opened a new empty project and set up VST Connect and the same thing happened.

I goes away if I change the control room output to Mix instead of C1. However, when I switch to Mix, it seem that the performer is still receiving C1. Maybe that’s the way it’s meant to work.

Dug deeper into it. User error. Never mind.