Cue mix volume difference on tracking and playback

Using Cubase Pro8.5 I have found that I can get a cue mix level ok for my singer for recording. On playback with the same settings it is too loud so I need to turn down the vocal cue mix each time to monitor the last take. Has anyone else had the same issue? I’m using a MR816x interface.


During the playback the Vocal is not routed via Cue bus. Or am I wrong?

I’m not sure - I will check that - does anyone else know ? It would seem to defeat the purpose of a cue mix if that happened? On tracking I use the cue bus so the singer can hear themselves. On playback it’s far too loud compared to the tracking level.

No ,I was wrong (sorry). Even while playback, the signal is routed via Cue bus.

Could you describe (or send a screenshot) your whole routing, please?

I was doing a vocal session last night - I think the problem may have been having the cue bus on pre fade. On changing to post fade it seemed a lot more even.