Cue mixes are missing from my recording template and old projects following upgrade to Pro 12

Hi, since upgrading Pro 11 to Pro 12 my recording template no longer has cue mixes set up in the audio connections control room tab so not visible in the mixer. I checked an earlier project and the cues are no longer there either. In the template I had disabled and hidden many tracks to save CPU but they are no longer disabled or hidden. I could have sworn I had the enlarge on selection feature set in preferences. There may be other settings that have changed. As I say this is not just a template issue


Control Room is not stored in the project, this is global settings. Once you add it to the Control Room at any project, you will see it at all projects.

Hi Martin, thanks for being so quick! yes I remember that now but why haven’t my control settings (and maybe other settings and preferences) moved over from cubase 11 Pro. I’ve just opened up Cubase 11 and it ‘sees’ my projects differently - they have cue mixes in the control room, mixer panel, audio connections. The arranger window is as it should be while when I open the same project in cubase 12 to background is black and there are no cue sends / mix set up! I tracked my main custom recording template to appdata/roaming/steinber/cubase 11_64/project templates. I can copy that to the equivalent cubase 12 folder but shouldn’t the upgrade have done that automatically. Presumably my other preferences are stored under 11_64 and not moved. I can’t believe this is how an upgrade is meant to happen so maybe I did something wrong. What do you think?

just to add that I see there is a userpreferences.xml in that roaming folder so bet this hasn’t carried forward form cubase 11.


Yes, Cubase X should inherit Cubase X-1 and Cubase X-2 preferences. You can also try to copy your Cubase 11_64 folder and rename it to Cubase 12_64. Then Cubase 12 would use this as the preferences folder.

Thanks a lot. Saw another post saying they just deleted the 12 roaming folder and restart cubase. It created a new roaming folder that was correct.