cue mixes

just followed the instructions from greg’s Cubase CUe mix setup which was very informative.
however, setting it up in my studio ran into a problem:
choosing in the Main section of the Control room one of the Cue mixes (C1-C4) as what i hear in the control room works as expected.
but when i switch back to listen to Mix (Source Monitor Mix) and then add e.g. more volume of the Cue Send of the drums in the mixer i also increase the volume of the drums in the Main Control room. and if i add vol on the other Cue Sends on the drums, the resulting audio in the Mix plays even more increased vol in the Mix.

any help?

Recehck your routing - something is wrong there. Since I don´t know Greg Ondo´s very informative Cue mix setup instructions, it´s probably much easier for you to find the mistake yourself.
Maybe some false routing in your totalmix FX

got it solved!
it was a hidden setting in my RME Total Mix software.