Cue Monitors expansion beyond the current 4

Any plans to expand the Cues to more than the current 4? Has anyone else asked this in the past, as I could not find it in a search. Unless there is a work around that allows another way to create more than 4 headphone Cue monitors ?

thank you

Hi you,
I dont remember exacty where or when, but the request appeared from time to time!

Of course there are workarounds using various channelrouting-options in the main mixer and distribute them to different outputs (provided your audio interface has sufficient outputs). All these unfortunately bypass/undermine the idea of the control room.

Hi - yes, this has been requested a lot over the years; I vaguely recall there was even some actual feedback suggesting the feature was being considered for a future release… I think it was around the time they expanded the amount of insert slots…:wink:

My view is there’ll be nothing in 10.5 though; the wait will go on into a version 11 or something… Another year/18 months away… (sigh)