Cue note workarounds

I know you can’t promise anything but I am starting to get desperate. Is there any chance the next rev. will be released before December 1st?

Also curious if the next update will include a way to have multiple wind instruments on one staff — for example, flutes 1 and 2 sharing a single staff in the score. Or is that something for a later update?

It would be helpful to know this, because if that feature is not in the next update, I’ll make a separate “Conductor’s Score” layout where I manually put wind instruments together on single staves.

Bob, I’m afraid the update will not quite be ready before the start of December.

Julian, the next update will not include the features required to show music for multiple players on the same staff. That’s an enormous feature that will certainly take more time to complete than we can manage in a maintenance update, especially one that already contains three very significant new features (cues, percussion, fingering). We only have a handful of developers!

Julian, you can always condense the players into a single staff yourself by copying (or cutting) the music and pasting it into the single staff — you can use the Paste Into Voice feature for that. You will find that sometimes you will need to exclude dynamics, and the filtering options will help with that.

And I assume you can keep everything within one file, although my project was so huge that I had to create a separate file just for the full score with condensed player staves. It’s more of a pain to fix mistakes, but the separation is also good because it means it’s harder to mess up the parts while you’re producing the full score.

If I can assist further, let me know… Good luck!

Hey, Daniel. Will this be a paid Dorico 1.5 update (like what Cubase does annually) or a free Dorico 1.2 update?

The forthcoming update – which includes cues, unpitched percussion, fingering, the Shift+I popover for quickly adding intervals, filtering by pitch, shape note/Sacred Harp support, and more besides – is going to be free.

…But you can send them money if you wish.


Is the office coffee complimentary, or do you guys have to bring your own?

Heh, the good people at Steinberg HQ allow the team a generous coffee budget, so we’re all set in that department.

Thanks for the updates, Daniel. This is very helpful to know for us on the other side.

Well, if your team drinks too much coffee, will the music play too fast? yuk, yuk… I better compose that Nocturne right away.