Cue notes individual prolongation

Usually I try to write cue notes until the very entrance of the target instrument. This requires sometimes to change the last note value of the source instrument into a smaller note value plus a tie. See screenshot. The eighth note with the tie is a half note in the source instrument. Can I write this somehow in Dorico?
Cue notes prolongation

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What happens if you extend the cue past the player’s entry, to the next bar?

Dorico writes the original note length.

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I think the only way to do this would be to end the cue before the half note should be there, make the target entry a down-stem voice, and the tied crotchet an up-stem voice set to cue size.

See Adding Articulation to Cue? - #5 by StevenJones01
Using the method propose by @StevenJones01 you could also find a solution for the question you post in your other thread about cues Cue notes and transpositions

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