Cue notes - no clef change after cue

Hi fellows,

Example: Timpani cue notes (2 single hits) in a Flauto part, three bars before entrance of the flute.
Dorico changes the clef for Timpani cue notes and immediately returns to g-clef after the cue

Is it possible to have Dorico NOT changing the clef at the barline but with the entrance of the flute?


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How about a putting a clef change to bass clef in the flute part itself, just before the cue, and changing its size to make it look like a cue clef change?

Then you can put the clef change back to treble where you like.

You can probably find a way to abuse the “show clef for concert/transposing pitch” property to show the clefs in the part but not in the score.

Alternatively, change the cue properties to display it 8vb or 15vb so you don’t need a clef change at all. Or make it a rhythmic cue.