Cue Notes - when will they come?

Dear Team, thank you very much for the new Update, which improves the usability of Dorico a lot!

But nevertheless, I cannot really work with the program, as long as there are no cue notes. In large orchestral works, in chamber music - everywhere in a professional context with classical players - we need them. The publisher I work for - Universal Edition Vienna - will never approve to use Dorico if we cannot write cues in the parts.

Please consider to add this feature in near future. I want to use this wonderful program so badly!

Thanks, Peter

Yes, we know that being able to create cues is a vital feature for part preparation. I’m afraid I don’t expect that we will be able to achieve this in the timeframe of the next update (which, as you know, is focused around chord symbols, piano pedaling, improvements to MIDI input, editable note spacing, and note input/editing improvements), but it remains a high priority and I expect us to work on it in the update following the next one (if that makes sense).