Cue points/Chunks/Flows for scoring to picture

In Cubase, when you’re working on a video and your music has two parts (or more), if you start for the second part and then, when finished, you do the first part there is a big problem:

If you want to change anything related to tempo or time signature, all the sync - work you did in the second part of the track will be messed up.

I think Cubase should deliver a solution to this issue.

I can think of two solutions:

CUE POINTS: The ability to sync the beginning of a bar/event/(sync point in a video) to a cue point so it doesn’t matter the changes you do before that cue point, the events that go after it remain unchanged. In order to do so, you have to use the previous bar as a “link” (warping it like you do with the warp tool, but in a automatic way). This definitely could be implemented to Cubase.

CHUNKS/FLOWS: They exist in Digital Performer and Cubase users that use the DAW for scoring to picture have asked for them for ages. You have like several subprojects which share the same video and the same timer, but their bars, tempo markings and so on are independent. So you can work in a part of the video without changing in any way the things you did in the parts that go after that. This is maybe the ideal solution, but I guess it’s harder for Cubase to work like that. HOWEVER, you could name them “FLOWS” like in Dorico, so you’re preparing us to mix Dorico and Steinberg workflow as a lot of users dream since you started on working on the notation tool.

Or even you may implement the two tools, as they can work together and serve for different purposes.

+1 Really really miss this! Especially flows/Chuncks as a tool to manage different scenes for a film in the same project.

+1 One feature I’m jealous of DP.

Yeah, I would love to see that feature as well. My workflow when I score for picture is to sync Cubase to Pro Tools via MTC but since I’m going to leave PT I think I will slave Logic to Cubase. And then I start each cue in a new project setting the right timecode at bar 1. But it’s not always comfortable to work with 2 sequencers. The best solution would be to have something similar to DP’s chunks. That’s indeed something Steinberg has already on Dorico. I know there are different teams working on Dorico and Cubase but the company is the same…
Right now I’m considering whether to get DP only to score pictures or not but I really hope Steinberg will add this feature to Cubase.

Me three. I even voted. That said, I think it must be an enormous task for the developers.