CUE post fader not working for Group channels (including FX)

Hi everyone.

I just got around to trying out using CUE’s to run my headphone mixes.
I had always used output channels before that I would SEND to the headphone amps.

What I discovered is that Group Channel Post Fader CUE’s do not pass a signal.
I want to use the Post Fader mix from the Group Faders, including FX (purple) Group Faders.
I have verified that Post Fader CUE’s work correctly from individual audio channels - just not from Group channels or FX Group Channels.

I am running 9.5 (latest update), but I doubt this is happening because of the update itself yet I had not tried this before so do not know.

I haven’t seen this particular issue in the forum and am hoping there is some sort of reason/fix/workaround that someone can enlighten me with :smiley:

Thank you,

I just saw that SENDs from Group Tracks also do not pass signal when set to POST Fader.
Is this by design? Are Group Tracks and FX Tracks not supposed to be able to SEND or CUE Post Fader signals for some reason?

Can anyone please enlighten me on the rationale for this?

Sends and Cue sends from groups work as expected in Post- and Prefader mode.

Thank you for the info Svennilenni - that lets me know that the functionality exists and that there is some type of toggle or corruption on my local Cubase box.

I had Cubase Pro 9.5.40, so I installed the last update (Cubase Pro 9.5.41) and it didn’t change the behavior on my computer: The Post Fader Cue’s and Sends from Group or FX tracks did not pass a signal.

Since I have been installing the updates all along, I don’t really know how to do a complete ReInstall of Cubase at this point.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me other than just accept defeat and go with the Group/FX Pre Fader Cue/Send levels and then try to try match the Send/CUE little horizontal volume sliders to what the actual Fader level is set to? This is a huge hassle because as the mix changes/matures, it means always having to go and change the Send/CUE horizontal volume controls to match.

Thanks in advance for any help!