Cue requests

Cues are great! I love the implementation. I do have some things that I would love to see addressed in future touchups to cues based on some situations I’ve run into so far:

  1. Choose voices or which notes in voices to display.
    Even if this is just limited to top/bottom notes, this would make choosing which notes to use in a cue much more relevant. As an example, I am engraving a saxophone solo with piano accompaniment, but only want to show the melodic line from the piano as a cue rather than full chords.

  2. Enharmonic respelling of cues in transposing instruments.
    In the same saxophone solo, the piano part has a line that is written (Db major chord)-C#-B#-C#-D# that leads to an A major chord, but I want to display this cued in the saxophone part as Bb-Bb-A-Bb-C.

  3. Option to beam separate cues together.
    Currently, I am cuing a line of eighth notes that starts in the right hand (Piano (a)) and continues into the left hand (Piano (b)), but it does not beam together the way I’d like since it changes which part to cue from in the middle of a beat. It’s in octaves, so I’ve tried cuing the first part in Piano (b) with a +1 octave shift and then the second part where it’s written, but this leads to some very wonky display when the two cues are joined.

Until the Dorico Team can enable your request, here is what I would do:

  1. Make a “working score” (with full score master pages and an extra piano part/staff with changed name)
  2. Select the piano passage needed for the cue.
  3. Use the Edit Filter > Notes In Chords > Top or Single Note to isolate only the top notes
  4. Paste into the Cue Pno staff
  5. Make any editorial changes desired to the cue passage (including adding a note from the left hand staff of the real Pno part and any enharmonic changes)
  6. Then cue the Sax from the Cue Pno staff instead of the real Pno part.

You never print the working score. All formatting and printing would be from the real Full Score and/or Sax layout (which does not include the Cue Pno staves).

We expect to add an option to choose a voice from the source instrument for cueing in a future version. You can already change the enharmonic spelling of notes in cues in Engrave mode using the usual Alt+=/- shortcuts.