Cue rest colliding with tremolo


I think I have a “perfect storm” problem. I have a cue rest clashing with a tremolo marking on a whole note. The original cued part has a rest on beat 1.

I can’t move the tremolo marking.

  • Moving it in Engrave mode just snaps in back into place.

  • I can’t flip it using the F key.

  • The properties panel in Engrave Move lists the tremolo when I select the note, but only the “Common” setting when I select the tremolo itself

  • I tried changing the value of “Tremolo Y” but nothing changed.

  • I tried changing the offset value when the tremolo was selected, but nothing changed.

  • None of the settings in Engraving options seem to cover the positioning of tremolos on whole notes.

The rest won’t move

  • I can’t select the cue rest.

  • I CAN select the notes in the cue.

Moving the cue point forward just adds more rests in the cue.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get these two things not colliding?

Thanks for any ideas.

FWIW, there’s a setting in the properties panel for cues called “Hide rests around cue” - maybe that can be helpful here…

You can’t flip the trem but try flipping the note the trem’s attached to (in Engrave mode if it’s in a tie chain).

That’s what did it. Thanks!