Cue Send for VST Instrument

I am trying to figure out a way of Monitoring a VST instrument in the MixConsole when overdubbing new parts on an existing MIDI track so that the volume level of the overdubbed part is louder than the volume of the already recorded parts (which are typically set at a level to sit in the mix).

For example, I have added BFD3 as a VST Rack Instrument and a corresponding MIDI track with Output routed to BFD3. I then set up a pre-fader Cue Send from the VST audio fader in the MixConsole. The problem here is that any previously recorded MIDI data will be played back via the Cue Send at the same level as any notes played live via the select MIDI source on the track. Could this be done with some MIDI processing?

I know I could do this by setting up a second BFD3 rack instrument as a monitor instrument track but this will use a lot more resources than I probably want.

Surely someone has had this issue. What do you guys do when overdubbing live vst instruments parts - just monitor at the mix level you have on the vst fader?

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Surely if you are playing a midi instrument then it’s level is, whatever it is, however one way to do what you want would probably be to put the new midi of on a different track(but still pointed to the same instrument) and then use midi modifiers to temporarily lower the velocity of the existing midi track, then when your done over dubbing return them to their original velocity. Not so? Another way would be to use(as you suggested) a second track with the same instrument. Yet another way, if you’re doin drums and you have multiple outputs enabled on the VST, just boost the mixer channel/s of the new drum you’re recording. Cuppla ideas :slight_smile:

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Hi you, I do not know BFD but wouldn’t the “natural” way of doing this be to enable more audio-Outputs (and thus cubase vst-i-Audio channels) and adjust the cue Levels individually?

Cheers, Ernst

Thanks for the reply Ernst, but that would not give a separate cue mix for overdubbed midi data because the existing midi data on the track will be played back along with any overdubbed data to the same outputs.